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"Dear Babe that Sleepest"
This piece was made for the Annual Tabernacle Arts Competition at the MOMA Wales. The brief was to make a piece of art based on the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, "The Frost at Midnight".

At the heart of the poem is a man (possibly Samuel Taylor Coleridge) at home in the middle of the night with his new born baby. The night is still, frosty and cold. Everyone is sleeping, the man who is awake with his new born baby thinks about his baby and how his life will be.

The poem vividly paints a picture of how the two of them are safe and warm inside the house with the cold, still night outside almost representing a dream. I used this idea, putting the man and baby in the centre of the piece enclosed in a steel ring (which represents the house and the dream). The text of the poem is displayed outside in a circular pattern.

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