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Frozen Motion 01
This sculpture is based on the work of the Victorian artist Eadweard Muybridge. Muybridge revolutionised photograph, he was particularly interested in the motion of animals. He photographed numerous men, women, children and even horses in motion. He would ask the model to move a certain way, e.g. run, in front of a series of cameras, each camera would then take a shot of the model. The images were then displayed together showing the motion.

The sculpture is a 3D representation of one of Muybridge's photo montages. The metal figures are similar to a skeletal rig used in stop motion animation. This allowed me to potion each figure individually. The figures are made from metal parts which are bolted together.

I have also made a second sculpture based on Muybridge's photo montages of a jumping figure, please see Frozen Motion 02.

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